RubberJet Valley and its team has studied in depth the issues related to the potential of Powder and Granules produced through the “High Pressure Water Jet” (H.P.W.J.) technology.

A laboratory has been set up in Bresso in the province of Milan, in which a series of activities have been implemented to fine-tune the high pressure water disintegration process with the “H.P.W.J.” having as its purpose the maximum exploitation of the obtainable rubber product.

The project has been realized with the support of European Union, Italian State and Lombardia Region.

RubberJet Valley has developed all Characterization of the Powder/Granule having done physical and chemical laboratory analysis carried out at the CERISIE (a recognized “Institute of Excellence for the analysis and certification of elastomeric systems” based in Milan) to the goal of enhancing the process innovation of the “H.P.W.J.” Technology.

In addition, the Department of Industrial and Information Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano carried out a SWORN TESTIMONY dated 22-01-2018 that certified the technological innovation of the “High Pressure Water Jet” (H.P.W.J.) process for the treatment of ELTs.

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