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The “High Pressure Water Jet” (H.P.W.J.) Technology proposed by RubberJet is suitable for the disintegration mainly of medium and large tires “. The “H.P.W.J.” Technology for the recycling of ELT it is extremely innovative and completely ecological as it is based on the disintegration of the tires out of use through a high pressure water jet process.

The process of disintegration and recovery of tires out of use of RubberJet is based on the use of equipment that exploits the energy of water at very high pressure (from 2,000 to 3,000 bar) to break up the tires themselves.

From the point of view of product enhancement, the RubberJet process innovation has an important impact especially on the chemical characteristics of the powder, which is “devulcanized” and, as such, with a technological value far higher than the traditional Powder.


The RubberJet plant is a new generation process that uses a “H.P.W.J.” technology protected by industrial rights protected at national and international level.

WATER JET technology VS traditional systems: environmental and economic advantages

• The ELT is stripped and not shredded, thus obtaining a complete separation of the rubber from the metallic residues.
• Higher purity of the final product materials ( RJPand RJG™ ).
• Devulcanization obtained together with the disintegration treatment.
• Absence of fumes and fine dust.
• Reduction of energy costs.
• Very low machine downtime.
• Savings on ordinary maintenance costs.
• No fire risk.
• Noise reduction.
• 100% Environmental friendly (it is used only water without chemicals agents).


The “High Pressure Water Jet” (H.P.W.J.) technology opens up a completely new market segment, making it possible for the first time in the world to process Truck and OTR tires (eg: earth-moving machines) or special ELT tires (hard rubber ELT) or tracks, two categories of tires whose treatment with traditional systems is today uneconomic.