RubberJet Valley Group was born from the goal of its founder, Tommaso Verri Eng. to establish a leading innovative company in the field of medium and large ELT recycling through the use of a 100% Clean Technology called “High Pressure Water Jet” (H.P.W.J.) in order to create a real Circular Economy of a valuable product as the Truck and OTR ELT, up to now difficult to be treated with the traditional technologies.

RubberJet Valley and its team oversaw all the industrial design and detailed engineering of the production plant as well as having carried out the entire Iter of characterization of the Powder/Granules output products, thanks also to the support of leading and recognized indipendent Institutes of Excellence for Research and Certification on Elastomeric Systems (e.g: Cerisie di Milano).

The Company has established its H.Q at PoliHub, the “Innovation Technology District & Incubator” of the Polytechnic of Milan, a prestigious world-renowned University where excellence engineering projects are incubated and supported in their global growth.”

The collaboration with a leading Italian player manufacturer of tires has allowed us to deepen the potential and the advantages deriving from the use of Powder/Granules produced by “H.P.W.J.” in substitution of natural rubber making tire manufacturers and compounds producers companies aware of the many benefits obtainable, also in terms of saving, from the use of this material in substitution of natural rubber without performance decay.


RubberJet aims to consolidate itself as a global player by offering joint-ventures at a local level with partners who share our ethical, sustainability and corporate values.


We have a global vision and are available to create “License agreements” that allow other companies to grow in their business environment.

RubberJet is able to support you in opening a “H.P.W.J.” system in any country you are.

Closed Loop System

We have the ambition to create “Closed-Loop Processes” within other companies, allowing them to obtain benefits deriving from the use of their well-known compounds. Manufacturers of tire compounds or other products that want to create RJP™ and/or RJG™ starting from their ‘well-known End of Life or Used Products’ are welcome to cooperate with us in order to meet them in the obtaining of an own “Internal Circular Economy”.