The Powder RJP™  and the Granule RJG™ produced by RubberJet through the “High Pressure Water Jet” (H.P.W.J.) were born from the need to meet the Qualitative standards that the most demanding Customers in the sector of rubber compounds or applications require.



The End-Customer is able to use the products RJP™ e RJG™ with the following benefits compared to products deriving from conventional technologies:


The Powder and Granule

The breaking load and tear strength improve if Powder/Granule from “H.P.W.J.” is incorporated into the NR matrix at levels up to 40 phr.

This proportion is higher than that relating to the granule resulting from traditional technologies which implies that the Powder/Granule obtained from H.P.W.J. has a greater activation of the surface due to rough surfaces and a favorable effect of devulcanization.

The Powder and Granule