100% Clean Technology

The “H.P.W.J.” process used by RubberJet consists exclusively in the use of high pressure water in a closed circuit system in which the water itself is adequately filtered and fully recycled.

No chemicals are used.

The “H.P.W.J” Technology Production Cycle is completely cold.

Environmental benefits

  • No emissions into the atmosphere, soil or subsoil
  • Process water reused in a “closed loop”
  • Total absence of fumes and fine dust in the environment
  • Total absence of “fire risk”
  • Low noise level
  • Product already de-vulcanized without further chemical and polluting processes
  • Superior quality of the final product without metal particles
  • Reduced energy per devulcanized product unit
  • Final solution to a global problem related to the Truck and OTR tire dumps.

With RubberJet and the “H.P.W.J.” Technology the CIRCULAR ECONOMY is real.