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Company Profile


RubberJet Group is an innovative family of companies excelling in the field of Circular Economy for Natural Rubber.


RubberJet Group has been established as representative group of innovative entities operating in selected and highly promising sectors focused on high-value circular economy in the rubber sector  from End-of-Life Tires. The investment strategies of these entities is basis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) parameters and built on partnerships and agreements made with international and local players.

RubberJet Valley has created the first industrial production plant able to recycle truck and large End-of-Life Tires through a proprietary technology named High Pressure Water Jet™


which in 100% environmentally friendly manner is able to recycle a wide variety of rubber/metal products like medium and heavy tires (that have previously not been recycled in an efficient manner) that way turning them back into their original raw materials which can be integrated in the new production processes. The process uses only a high pressure water jet. Examples of such items are earth moving machine OTR (off-the-road) End Of Life Tires (‘’E.L.T.’’) or Mining Giant Tires and similar products that currently cannot be recycled efficiently using traditional methods such as mechanical shredding.

Additionally, the group constantly tests its technology on applications in new fields.

Image by Noah Buscher
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Using our unique proprietary technology to provide our customers with the best and the most cost effective solution allowing them to reduce the costs and to replace virgin raw materials with the recycled ones that way helping transform whole industries into circular business models.


To be the leading provider of the innovative technology and innovative products allowing our customers and partners to maximize the re-use of recycled raw materials globally that way preserving natural resources, minimizing environmental impact and helping transform industries into a circular model.


Our partner Vertech constantly tests RubberJet Group technology for the applications in new fields. You can discover more about this innovative engineering company, its background and find information on its projects following link:

Brief History

RubberJet Valley - the first industrial production unit of the RubberJet Group - was founded in 2016 in Milan, Italy by engineer Tommaso Verri and his partners who are all passionate about sustainability & innovation, and quickly grew into an international group with production units in three continents. 

The Company’s Head-Quarters are located at the PoliHub, the “Innovation Technology District” of Politecnico di Milano which is a prestigious and globally recognised university. The location of the headquarters allowed company to access top level engineering talent and empowered company's global industrial and commercial growth.




Increasing the production with the Chamber able to recycle Mining OTR tires with external diameter up to 4.2 meters at the RubberJet’s Italy industrial site
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 Increasing the size of the RubberJet Valley’s industrial site in Verona, Italy by an additional 2000 square meters to a total size of 5000 square meters in preparation for increasing the production capacity in the future.


Launch of RubberJet Canada’s production in Canada (Ontario)

RJ Canada.png


Triplicating the production capacity and expanding the industrial site in Verona by an additional 1000 square meters achieving a total of 3000 square meters


Launch of RubberJet Canada’s affiliate in Canada, Ontario


Doubling the production capacity in Verona, Italy and expanding the industrial site by additional 2000 square meters


Signature of a Financial Contract with the European Commission (Life Tender) for the development and construction of the first Chamber able to recycle Mining tires (up to 4.2 meters in diameter)

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Received an award by the Tire Technology Expo at the “Tire Technology International Awards 2020” within the “Environmental Achievement of the Year” category



Obtaining of the ISO-9001 Certification by DNV


Installation of the first industrial scale production plant in the industrial site of 1000 square meters located in Verona, Italy

2010 - 2016

R&D and Studies of the Water Jet and high pressure Technologies


Lunch of RubberJet China’s production unit in China (Quindgao)

RJ China.png


Creating of a laboratory for the analysis and Quality monitoring of the production units and for specific R&D activities at the Milan HQ


Development and installation of the first Chamber in the world capable of recycling Mining OTR up to 4.2 meters of external diameter


Creation of the first Chamber in the world able to recycle OTR up to 2.7 meters of external diameter


Creation of the first Chamber focusing on recycling TRUCK up to 1.7 meters of external diameter


RubberJet Valley receives a nomination as the “Best Tyre Recycling Technology” at the first edition of the “Recircle Awards”

NOMINEE copia.png


Creation of the first Chamber in the world able to recycle OTR up to 2.3 meters of external diameter


Received an “Edison Award” as one of the 3 best technologies in the world within the Energy & Sustainability Category in 2020. ''Edison Awards'' is one of the most important Awards in the Innovation sector and it is recognized to be the “Oscar of Innovation”



Received the “Disrupt Mining 2019” Award by GoldCorp mining group



“Sworn Testimony” issued by the Industrial Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano that certified the innovation of the “High Pressure Water Jet” Technology and Plant of RubberJet Valley Srl



RubberJet Valley Srl was founded

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